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Small Groups

You can't be Christian alone. We need other believers to hold us accountable, to affirm and challenge us, to comfort us and listen to us, and to help us better understand this world God created. That's why we have a Small Group Ministry. Our desire is for each person to be connected to a group of people who will help them to be the best Christian they can be.

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Small Groups: What's Happening


GriefShare is a grief support program for those who have lost loved ones or friends. It is Christ-centered.

It consists of a 13-week series of sessions. We will meet at 6pm on Wednesdays in Scott Hall.

We will begin with a light supper prepared by Diane McClellan and Karen Wharram. Next there will be a 30 to 40-minute video on various topics related to grief. Many different professional counselors, pastors, writers and laypersons that have lost loved ones will be on the videos. After the videos, we will have a small group discussion. Each participant will receive their own workbook to use during the videos. There are written activities in the workbook that help us through our grief that we will do between Wednesdays. Beth Bedwell and Howie Wharram will be facilitating the meetings. An attendee does not have to go to every class session. If you miss a few, you can still benefit from them. However, GriefShare recommends attending at least 3 times before you decide whether or not to continue. You may look up online for more information. People attending do not have to be members of CPC.  If you have any questions, please call Howie Wharram at 734-241-6316.

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