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Christian Discipleship

The mission statement of the Christian Discipleship Team is to engage and empower people through interactive classes and meaningful relationships and connections. Our goal continues to be to gain understanding of how we grow in our faith, recognize how God has opened our eyes to see things in a new way, and reflect on ways our hearts are being changed. We are committed to assisting the people of CPC with self-discovery, world awareness, and discipleship through educational opportunities and small groups. Each year we offer Bible and book studies, community events (such as a Kentucky Derby party, museum tours/outings, nature walks, etc.), Second Sunday programs, social justice activities/classes, and Lenten/Advent resources and events. As we continue in our discipleship journey together, we are excited to continue to learn from one another, grow in faith, and explore how to more faithfully, justly, and lovingly be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world!

Matthew 25 Congregation

Christian Discipleship: Join Us
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The Christian Discipleship Team will be offering a Bible study of the New Testament books narrated by Dr. Craig Koester on Tuesday mornings at 9:00 am in the church hospitality room.  The group will be led by Rev. Dr. Diane Christopherson.  This is a continuation of the Bible study started before the pandemic which covered the Old Testament. Each lesson covers a book of the New Testament and involves watching a video presentation by Dr. Koester followed by a discussion.  It is not necessary to have been a part of the previous study to participate in this Bible study.

Christian Discipleship: Testimonials
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