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Sunday Mornings

We recognize the importance of all generations worshiping together.   All of God’s children! 

Our younger people are invited to help lead worship by helping to collect the offering, serving as an acolyte, or singing in our Youth choir.  

Faith formation opportunities are offered outside of our 10am service.   Maybe include a link to take them to what is currently being offered?   “Faith formation” being a page??  

 Questions? Please contact our Director of Faith Formation at

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We know that worshiping together (all ages) is important to the life of our church.  Our prayground is a space for our younger members to engage in worship in meaningful, age appropriate ways.   Parents or older siblings can sit with younger children if needed.  If children are old enough to explore and worship in the prayground alone, parents can sit in the pews behind them.  

The prayground includes items to help children express themselves in worship in many ways: 

  • Colored scarves to wave during hymns

  • play doh and wiki stix to sculpt and create things that remind them of God.

  • Fidgets

  • Books

  • prayer tools

  • puppets 

  • dry erase boards 

along with a weekly activity that corresponds with our weekly lessons.  

Children worship in ways that bring life to the service.  We welcome the energy and sound of young children in our worship space! 

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Kid's Worship: Watch
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